Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine on Earth. The ancient scrolls and parchments called it “Eternal” as it seemed older than recorded time, and was believed to have been passed down from Divinity. Scientifically certified by Archeologists and Historians, Ayurveda dates back 5000 years, and was founded on the rolling plains of the Indian Subcontinent. The hermits and sages of this age rigorously practiced and handed down this discipline to their successive generations through family lineage.
Even in those times, Ayurveda was so much an evolved science that the healers of this practice were able to gather information of the state of the body from the mere throb of a pulse and heal them with nature’s nectars. This resulted in the through-the-centuries accumulation of advanced knowledge and treatment in pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, geriatrics, toxicology, general medicine and other specialties.
Today, Ayurveda is recognized as the forerunner of all the great healing traditions of the world. AyurMana is proud to welcome you to explore and experience the mystical allure and profound healing of Ayurvedic treatment in Kuwait

The basis of Ayurvedic healing is the realization that the wisdom within each and everyone of us is the wisdom of the cosmos. The very wisdom that created you in the first place, the same wisdom that sustains life and being.
Ayurveda’s various approaches and treatments, at it’s root, are all aimed at harnessing this pure and invincible potential within us, to create healing and wellbeing.

Authentic Ayurveda in Kuwait

An Ayurvedic seeker is an explorer. In an exploration to understand oneself, inspired by the realisation that each one of us is a unique creation with a very distinct fragrance, distinguished by our nature.
In other words ayurveda proclaims, you and me are essentially an experience or an expression of our individual constitution [physical and mental] driven by our vasana [inborn traits or qualities of our soul] And all that separates two individual beings at the deepest levels is just the consciousness and ones own vasanas.