Yoga is an ancient science that preaches the means to tune in to the whole. Yoga means union. A union that encompass many levels of our existence. Yoga brings about union of different splintered aspects of our self and the union of ourselves with the whole. It also brings about union of movement and breathing, union of mind and body, union of thought and action, union of desire and intent.

Yoga is the result of thousands of years of experimentation and observation by omniscient sages,enlightened gurus and ordinary people like you and me.

There is vigor, objectivity and revelation in its method. There is harmony, beauty and inspiration in its expression. Yoga is existential, experiential and experimental.

Ayurmana Yoga Studio

Our mission is to assist people in their pursuit of perfect health and fitness – physical, mental and spiritual. Our uniquely designed programs are catered towards the individual, with our commitment to the highest standards of personal service.

We understand the importance of value, thus we consistently and consciously work toward providing the most comfortable environment possible for you to enjoy. Our studio was designed with your privacy in mind. Working out with us is as comfortable as working out at home.

Ayurvedic Healing Therapies

Yoga Membership

Membership Fee
Open Studio: 1 month membership [8 sessions] KD 65
Open Studio: 2 month membership [10 sessions] KD 80

Single Session

Session Fee
Open Group: [1 hr] KD 10
Private: [1 hr] KD 15
Private Group (minimum 4 persons): [1 hr] KD 10 per person

Therapeutic Yoga Programs

Programs Fee
Spine care program: 2 sessions [1 hr] KD 30
Stress Management: 2 sessions [1 hr] KD 30

Yoga Packages

Package Fee
Private: [1 hr] 5 sessions KD 65 [validity period 1 month]
Private: [1 hr] 10 sessions KD 125 [validity period 2 months]

Specialized Packages

Package Fee
Pranayama package: 4 sessions [40 mins] KD 40
Pregnancy Yoga: single session [1 hr] KD 20
Kids Yoga Group: single session [1 hr] KD 10

Meditation Packages

Package Fee
Meditation package: 4 sessions [40 mins] KD 40
Meditation package: 6 sessions [40 mins] KD 50