Who doesn’t want to be physically fit? It improves your health significantly while also enhancing your appearances. However, obesity has now emerged as a significant public health issue due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity can be managed with a proper diagnosis and sensible weight management.

Obesity and  Overweight 

The terms Overweight and Obesity refer to a body weight that is higher than what is considered healthy. Obesity is the outcome of an excessive buildup of body fat, while being overweight arises from having additional body fat, muscle, bone, or water. Obesity develops from being overweight if it is not controlled.Some symptoms of obesity include extra body fat around the waist, shortness of breath, exhaustion, excessive perspiration, difficulty sleeping, back and joint discomfort, skin problems. Overweight and obesity gradually emerge when there is a metabolic imbalance. Obesity is often a symptom of diseases including hyperthyroidism, PCOS, and Cushing’s syndrome that are marked by hormonal imbalance. It is also a result of some hereditary illnesses.

Risk Factors

Major risk factors affecting an unhealthy lifestyle that includes inactivity and a sedentary way of life. Foods containing a lot of added sugar, saturated fat, and trans fats cause weight gain. Sleep deprivation alters the hormones that regulate hunger.Cortisol levels, the stress hormone, are impacted by excessive and ongoing stress, which makes you eat more as a response. In order to feel better emotionally, depressed people may overeat. Weight gain as you age is caused by a slower metabolism and reduced muscle mass.

How Ayurveda Treatments can help you?

Ayurveda suggests that an imbalance in the tridoshas’ constitution is the true cause of overweight and obesity (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). The issue is brought on by faulty metabolism or improper digestion as a result of excessive kapha. Herbs, treatments, and massages used in ayurvedic weight loss treatment help in the reduction of fat. Digestion and healthy metabolic functions are restored when fat and toxins are eliminated.

Through particular Ayurvedic treatment, the catabolic metabolism and the Pitta dosha are elevated, while the anabolic metabolism is lowered.

Treatments Include:

Abhyanga – Powerful massage with a specific combination of oils and Ayurvedic herbs to rejuvenate the body by improving blood circulation.

Swedana – Herbal steam therapy with steam and warm herbal oils, This helps in the loosening of toxins by opening the skin pores.

Kizhi – A Kizhi is a poultice that is prepared in warm herbal oil while being thickly packed with herbal components for the therapy.It helps to reduce excess fat.

Udwarthanam – Deep and dry massage with weight loss herbal powders and pastes which helps in the removal of dimpled skin and toning of muscles.

Udgharshanam -The body is massaged with a wet, scrub like mixture, allowed to settle and then removed.

Panchakarma -Panchakarma therapy or the detox process is an effective way to reduce weight.

Exercise – Yoga asanas, pranayama sessions, brisk walking are recommended for weight loss

Meditation – Meditation  play an important role in reducing stress

Treatment at AyurMana Kuwait

Ayurmana is a premium Ayurvedic treatment hospital located in Kuwait. It is operated by Dharma Ayurveda, which has been renowned for its Ayurvedic Specialists for more than nine generations. Each dharma experience is a chance to discover how to achieve the most profound and enduring recovery and the highest quality of life imaginable. 

Ayurvedic internal treatments, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes are all included in the programme. At the Ayurveda Treatment Center  ayurvedic weight loss treatments are effective and long-lasting. In addition, rejuvenating at AyurMana, is a remarkable experience. To ensure a smooth and pleasant healing process, our team of renowned Ayurvedic specialists will have a session with you on a regular basis to hear your concerns and update you on your progress.